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The Berlin-based femtech company XbyX – Women in Balance, founded in 2019 by Peggy Reichelt and Monique Leonhardt, is a D2C platform for women in midlife offering scientifically founded, holistic solutions for menopause and healthy aging. After growing its customer base to over 50,000 women and doubling its revenue in 2022, the company has now announced a 7-figure pre-series A financing round, which will support its continued growth in 2023. The round was led by ECONA AG, the venture arm of a Berlin-based family office. Just like ECONA, AUXXO Female Catalyst Fund invested in XbyX back in 2022.

Co-founder Peggy Reichelt first had the idea for XbyX in 2018 at the beginning of her 40s, when facing the onset of her perimenopause. She was irritated that there was little scientifically-based information about menopause available to her. She researched, sought solutions, tested them herself, and then founded XbyX with the vision of bringing female health after 40 into the spotlight and ending the tabooization of menopause.

The founders, driven by their passion for female health in midlife and supported by an experienced medical board, quickly positioned themselves as pioneers in the menopause space. In addition to a steadily growing portfolio of scientifically formulated, plant-based dietary supplements, XbyX offers three comprehensive video education programs on hormones, strength training, and weight loss.

“With XbyX, we see ourselves as our customers’ best friend, as knowledge brokers and a place of understanding,” says Monique Leonhardt. “We start where time or expertise is lacking in the healthcare sector and give women the information to make the right decisions for them.”

“At first, people often asked why we focused on this ‘small’ niche,” adds Peggy Reichelt. “This shows how little people understand this space. Menopause is a phase of life that lasts for decades and its implications affect women throughout the aging process. Every single woman will go through menopause. That’s half of humanity.”

Menopause is much more than hot flashes and the end of menstruation: it is a particularly important time when women make decisive choices for their health in old age. This is exactly where XbyX comes in and now receives valuable support through financing. Peggy Reichelt: “We are very happy having closed this recent round, which not only gives us the necessary financial support for continued growth but also fully supports our long-term vision. It is great to see that menopause and female health after midlife are finally getting the attention and modern perception they deserve.”

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