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Market segmentation and competition levels in the digital women’s health market as outlined in R2G’s latest report.
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CurieMD launches telemedicine service for menopause; R2G releases a new digital women’s health market report; Goldman Sachs will no longer do IPOs for companies with all-male board; Last chance to apply for 50inTech and AXA’s femtech accelerator programNew city-based initiative to increase women in tech in the U.S. kicks off in Chicago; Consumer DNA test sales decline causing lay-offs at 23andme; Fierce Healthcare is looking for ‘The Most Influential Minority Executives in Healthcare’; Femtech Insider adds overview of femtech events and relevant accelerators

Company Spotlight

This week let’s talk pelvic health!

Elvie’s Elvie Trainer visualizes your pelvic floor movements in real time with biofeedback, a mind-body technique often used by health care professionals for pelvic floor rehabilitation. The award-winning Kegel trainer helps to achieve better bladder control, faster postnatal recovery and enhanced intimacy.

Private Packs‘ natural, safe and non-invasive gel pads help women that suffer from symptoms such as swelling, itching, inflammation or soreness related to Bacterial vaginosis, sexually transmitted infections, yeast infections, vaginal dryness, vaginal childbirth, post-sex, dyspareunia or pubic area hair removal. The brand’s food-grade therapy pads are wearable, discreet and reusable.

Madorra is working towards changing the paradigm for treating vaginal dryness, by providing a medical device solution to a problem that has previously only been served by pharmaceuticals. They are focused on giving post-menopausal women and breast cancer survivors the power to choose the non-hormonal treatment option they want.

uQora’s patent-pending formula provides a multifold defense against bacteria, to help women break free from the endless cycle of UTIs.

Scanwell empowers patients with smartphone-enabled UTI testing and provides companies with powerful clinical grade diagnostics.

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2020 Vision: A Look Ahead at Digital Health (Rock Health Podcast)

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Who’s Hiring?

Nurx is hiring a Data Scientist.

Bellabeat is hiring an Android Developer.

Cora is looking for a Key Account Manager.

Flo is looking to hire a Medical Director.

DotLAB is looking for an MBA Intern.

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