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“Ovaries age five times faster than other organs, resulting in infertility, early menopause and increased years of poor health for women. We want to change the narrative of female reproductive longevity and address the root causes of sex/gender inequality in our society.” Dr. Dina Radenkovic, Gameto CEO. Image: Dina Radenkovic


Gameto raises $23M to redefine reproductive longevity with reprogrammed ovarian cells.

Flourish raises $1M+ in pre-seed funding to launch its holistic women’s wellness platform.

Future Fertility, a company using AI to improve fertility care and IVF outcomes, raises Series A funding.

STI screening and care startup TBD Health opens a care hub in Las Vegas.

Eggschainpartners with Boston IVF for cryogenic preservation of sperm for use in IVF and long-term storage.

Twentyeight Healthexpands Medicaid coverage of birth control delivery in Georgia.

Meet the 4 winners of World Bank Group and CTA‘s Global Women’s HealthTech Awards!

New StudyMirvie can predict pregnancy complications months before they happen.

Natural Cycles releases the results of a new study on the relationship between COVID-19 vaccines and the menstrual cycle.

Joylux‘s vaginal wellness solution vFit Gold is now sold at premier luxury retailer Saks.

Choir is launching a new diversity certification for finance conferences. (And we’re hoping they do healthcare next!!)

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Reproductive health is set to hold a leading market share of the women’s health industry, with an estimated global worth of $171 billion by 2027. 

Start-ups, Femtech, and Technology Innovators are driving the acceleration of new and improved solutions for the unmet needs of people’s reproductive health journeys.

The Reproductive Health Innovation Summit (February 15-16) is the destination for uncovering what is next in fertility, contraception and maternal health, from AI and big data to genetic testing, laboratory automation, consumer wearables, non-hormonal devices & solutions and new care delivery models.

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