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Research2Guidance has recently released a new report covering femtech and women’s health: “The Global Digital Women’s Health Solutions Market 2017-2024”.


The digital women’s health market is booming due to the increasing interest in women’s health issues, from both the general public and medical professionals. Over 2,200 digital solution providers are targeting a huge global addressable market of 1 billion women with capable smart devices. Following impressive user base growth, leading market players received generous funding and improved their service offerings. However, as the new report by Research2Guidance suggests the competition is growing, and established market players should find new strategies to withstand future threats from new powerful rivals, such as Apple and Alphabet.

The digital women’s healthcare market is diverse and continuously attracts new market players from various backgrounds. There are around 2,200 providers of women’s health app-based solutions who operate in six different segments. The absolute majority of publishers still concentrate on a single segment of women’s health. Overlaps between market segments are rather rare: only a few companies have extended their portfolios to cover two or three segments, such as fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.

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