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“More than a head count, the Festival held space for critical conversations about women’s health. Like maternal morbidity rates, menopause in the workplace and pelvic health.” (c) StartUp Health 


Femtech in 2020: Investors share trends and opportunities; Health DisrupHERs take center-stage at StartupHealth Festival 2020; Pregistry receives award from Gloabl Health and Pharma; BlueMountain invests $45M in femtech company Advantia; Elvie launches insights app for its wearable breast pumps; Samara Mejia Hernandez launches Chingona Venture with plans to invest “in businesses that are catering to the massive generational and demographic shift which is occurring in the U.S.”; Mayo Clinic announces plan to create patient genetic data libraryNew trial suggests that ‘diabetes drug may help prevent a miscarriage’; Bayer and Evotec announce new alliance focusing on polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); Bayer to commercialise non-hormonal contraceptive Ovaprene in the US; Classpass is now a Unicorn; New Future of Femtech Conference planned for October 2020

Company Spotlight 

As the 2020 StartUp Health Festival comes to a close, we’d like to dedicate this week’s newsletter to some of the women’s health innovators, who shared their unique missions to eliminate the gender gap in health at the event.

Gennev is a digital health company for women in midlife & menopause, that increases accessibility to information, health providers and community for women seeking relief for hormone-driven symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety and loss of libido.

Babyscripts is the only doctor delivered digital health tool that enhances the doctor/patient relationship outside the four walls of the clinic during routine, low risk pregnancy care.

Oratel Diagnostics uses plant pigments to develop rapid, non-invasive and cost effective, diagnostics tests for reproductive health issues in humans and animals.

Pregistry’s vision is a world in which all pregnant women and their health care providers have the accurate information they need to successfully treat medical conditions that occur during pregnancy and ensure the best health outcomes for mothers and their babies.

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