Lisa Health, a digital health company creating advanced technology solutions for menopause and healthy aging, announced today that it has entered into a license agreement with Mayo Clinic to advance its development and product testing initiatives. Mayo Clinic has also invested in the company.

Lisa Health’s digital solution for menopause and healthy aging helps to bridge gaps in care and knowledge, empowering women to thrive on their menopause journey. Lisa Health is using AI, advanced analytics, and sensor technology to deliver personalized insights, evidence-based precision therapeutics, and education across the menopause life stage.

“Lisa Health is putting women firmly in control of a complex life stage with innovative technology, said Ann Garnier, Lisa Health CEO. “No longer do women have to suffer in silence. Advances in AI and sensor technology are allowing us to pinpoint key menopause and aging biomarkers and target them with personalized, data-driven therapeutics that can provide relief from bothersome menopause symptoms, restore wellbeing, and promote healthy aging.”

Under the license agreement, Mayo Clinic will provide clinical and technical expertise to Lisa Health. “Menopause is a critical life stage and a window of opportunity to use health care innovation to improve women’s quality of life and healthspan,” said Dr. Stephanie Faubion, Director of Mayo Clinic Women’s Health.

“Mayo Clinic’s experts will help us create an innovative digital health product for menopause and midlife women’s health backed by the latest science, research, and clinical practice. We’re building a comprehensive tech-enabled solution for women to help guide them on their menopause and healthy aging journey,” said Ann Garnier.

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