Last week menstrual health advocacy & innovation organization Madami by MH Hub and PERIOD., a U.S.-based non-profit dedicated to advancing the menstrual movement have released a new Glossary for the Global Menstrual Movement. This new holistic document was developed in consultation with experts and advocates from across the menstrual health ecosystem and is a helpful tool for all of us in the field to ensure continued progress through the use of universal and encompassing language that accounts for the diverse array of menstrual experiences across the lifecycle:

Language helps form the beliefs and attitudes that surround our experiences. Language affects how people who menstruate – and those who do not – feel about and understand periods. This is why Madami and PERIOD. took on the challenge of curating, centralizing and creating a holistic document that celebrates the diversity of terms to describe menstrual experiences, as well as the multitude of different strands of education, activism and advocacy within the menstrual movement.

For now the glossary is available in English language only with plans to localize to better reflect the experiences from people and organizations from all across the world in the future.

Wanna have a look? You can check out the new glossary below! 👇

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