Brilliantly and Mammogen, two female-led women’s health companies centered around breakthrough technologies designed to solve unmet clinical needs associated with breast cancer, have announce a new partnership with the goal to improve quality of care for the breast cancer community, both inside and outside of the physician’s office.

The collaboration, which will equip breast cancer previvors and survivors with the tools they need to live empowered lives, is an intentional step towards each company’s commitment to advancing every aspect of women’s health, beyond traditional product-related decisions.

“Over my nearly twenty years in the diagnostics industry, it has always baffled me that companies never invest time or resources to empower the communities that they serve,” said Elizabeth Cormier-May, CEO of Mammogen. “Whether you’re at a higher risk of developing breast cancer based on genetics or family history, newly diagnosed, or past your five-year mark, there’s no shortage of mental, emotional and physical anguish associated with this disease. At Mammogen, we work tirelessly to innovate around the clinical and the personal experience, not only because it makes great business sense; but, most importantly, because it is the right thing to do. We know that end-to-end care is good but creating an end-to-never-end community is far more powerful, and our partnership with Brilliantly brings us a step closer to fulfilling that mission.”

The comprehensive collaboration will first include an exclusive book project which will be a collection of short stories, interviews and creative writing pieces representing hundreds of voices that address everything from talking about hereditary risk with children to sexual dysfunction to career changes.

“For many of us, the aftermath of surgical intervention and treatment has simply been called ‘the new normal’, yet it doesn’t feel normal at all,” stated Kristen Carbone, Founder and CEO of Brilliantly and breast cancer previvor. “How can we feel normal again? Where do we even start? The issues faced by this community are so multifaceted, I struggle to think of even a single part of everyday life that isn’t impacted in some way by an experience with breast cancer,” continued Carbone.

The second initiative is a corrective exercise program that will include various workout modalities to help regain strength and mobility safely for women who’ve had breast surgery and/or treatment. Specific exercise routines for breast cancer patients, survivors, and previvors have been proven to improve quality of life as well as decrease mortality. This collaboration between Mammogen and Brilliantly will ensure that all women have access to appropriate exercise routines throughout their journeys.

Both initiatives, while currently underway, will officially kick off in early 2022, upon successfully securing necessary sponsorship.

Mammogen is a female-led biotechnology company focused on meaningfully improving the detection, diagnosis and treatment of women’s health-related diseases, and creating an end-to-never-end community for women around the world. Brilliantly helps women with the transition from confronting breast cancer to embracing life through innovative products, thoughtful content, and relevant services. The company has recently released their flagship technology, Brilliantly Warm, the first-ever wearable designed specifically for women who have had breast reconstruction surgery.

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