FamilyWell Health, a tech-enabled behavioral health company, has successfully raised $4.3 million in seed funding to address the maternal mental health crisis. This round of funding, led by .406 Ventures, marks the company’s first institutional capital. GreyMatter Capital and Mother Ventures also participated, supporting FamilyWell’s mission to expand throughout New England and prepare for national growth i the U.S.

FamilyWell Health integrates mental health services directly into obstetric practices. This approach provides pregnant and postpartum patients with specialized support for conditions such as depression and anxiety, which are prevalent among new mothers. The company’s model combines a best-in-class clinical approach with deep personal understanding and offers a comprehensive program that includes in-person and virtual care, as well as an on-demand text support line with live peer coaches for immediate emotional support.

New mothers face dire maternal mental health challenges, with a staggering 1 in 5 U.S. women suffering from postpartum depression. Individuals who seek treatment typically wait for months to be seen by a mental health provider and instead turn to their obstetricians, who are often hesitant to screen for mental health conditions knowing there is a shortage of therapists and psychiatrists.

“I had difficulty finding support when I experienced postpartum depression and have cared for countless new moms struggling to access mental health care during one of the most vulnerable periods of their lives,” said Dr. Jessica Gaulton, Founder and CEO of FamilyWell. “My experience, both as a survivor and as a practicing neonatologist, inspired me to start FamilyWell to provide equitable, affordable, and accessible mental healthcare for new mothers.” 

By collaborating with obstetric providers, FamilyWell is increasing access to mental health support precisely where and when it is needed. Patients using FamilyWell’s services can typically access insurance-covered coaching and therapy in less than one week, significantly reducing the typical 6-12 month wait times for such care. “With FamilyWell, patients get help within days and have ongoing support through one of the biggest transitions of their lives,” noted Dr. Melissa Sherman, Medical Director and Obstetrician at Essex OB/GYN Associates, a FamilyWell customer.

Payal Divakaran, Partner at .406 Ventures, shares: “FamilyWell offers an elegant solution that is a win-win for all stakeholders, including obstetric practices. Dr. Gaulton and her team have built an incredible, mission-driven company poised to address a critical need in women’s mental health. FamilyWell’s solution is a win-win for all stakeholders, including obstetric practices. We’re excited to support FamilyWell in addressing this critical need in women’s mental health.”

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