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Founded in 2018 by Fahti Khosrowshahi following her personal experiences with infertility treatments, Ceek Women’s Health aims to revolutionize gynecological care. Recognizing the need for more modern, patient-friendly tools in this sector, Khosrowshahi’s company is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that elevate the standard of care women receive. With the launch of the Nella Single-Use Vaginal Speculum the company is not taking another step towards achieving this goal, underlining Ceek’s commitment to creating tools that improve the user experience from both the patient’s and clinician’s perspectives.

The Nella Single-Use Vaginal Speculum has been carefully designed to be as slim as a tampon, ensuring maximum patient comfort during usage. It also comes equipped with integrated sidewall retractors and an LED light, features that are specifically designed to provide improved cervical visualization during gynecological examinations and procedures.

The product is the result of four years of meticulous design and development, aiming to achieve a perfect balance between patient comfort and the practical needs of clinicians. The single-use speculum operates quietly to help alleviate patient anxiety and its slim bills are designed to ensure a more pleasant patient experience. The one-size-fits-all design simplifies SKU management, while the integrated LED light on the upper bill allows for direct illumination of the vaginal walls and cervix without any obstruction due to fluids.

Furthermore, the Nella Single-Use Vaginal Speculum is made from a robust, premium material to boost patient safety. The product has been ergonomically crafted, keeping in mind the convenience and ease of use for medical professionals.

Ceek Women’s Health Founder Fahti Khosrowshahi shares: “We are thrilled to introduce the Nella Single Use. This modern Nella Single-Use is a game-changer for gynecological exams, as it combines several features into one easy-to-use device to improve patient comfort while giving clinicians the cervical visualization and access they need. The Nella Single-Use fits perfectly into our portfolio of products and establishes Ceek as a leader in developing a modern speculum for daily use on patients, during gynecological exams and procedures.”

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