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In a stride towards non-hormonal birth control methods, Lady Technologies, the company behind kegg, recently presented a new study at the 2023 meeting of the Society of Reproductive Investigation in San Francisco. The study represents a potential shift in the landscape of fertility monitoring, emphasizing the accuracy of cervical fluid tracking over the traditional method of basal body temperature (BBT) monitoring.

The study comes at a time when a growing number of women are exploring alternatives to hormonal birth control. Lady Technologies’ research could be an answer to their search as the company’s consumer product, kegg, is at the forefront of this innovation. Kegg is known in the market for its ability to monitor changes in cervical fluid, a method now proven more descriptive of fertile cycles than BBT, which has been a cornerstone of many current hormone-free birth control methods.

This development is not just a scientific achievement but also offers a user-friendly solution for women seeking insights into their fertility from the comfort of their homes. Unlike many other products, kegg enables the collection and analysis of vaginal mucus, providing valuable health and fertility data.

Following the success of their study, Lady Technologies has now secured a clinical site for further testing, aiming to refine and validate the effectiveness of kegg in women’s health and fertility. The company is collaborating with reproductive health experts from major universities, enhancing the understanding of cervical fluid dynamics.

Image: kegg

The kegg device operates by tracking the fertile window through evaluating changes in cervical fluid. This approach is a marked departure from most IUDs and birth control pills, which target cervical fluid to prevent sperm from entering the cervix. By thickening the cervical fluid, these methods create a barrier to sperm movement. In contrast, kegg’s technology focuses on natural fertility indicators, potentially offering a reliable, natural alternative to pharmaceutical birth control.

Kristina Cahojova, Founder of Lady Technologies said: “Social media is giving women a voice to publicly discuss adverse effects of pharmaceutical birth control. Women are looking for alternatives but there aren’t many. We want to bring them a reliable alternative. There is enough evidence that cervical fluid is the way to get there. The market size will soon exceed $30 billion and we want to serve the women in it that desire natural alternatives.”

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