About 3 months ago Wellster, the Germany-based telehealth company, made the news when it added $20M in new funding, to – as the company explained then – “launch a femtech vertically across Europe”. The time has come, today is the day and Wellster is introducing its new women’s health focused platform MySummer to the world.

MySummer is positioned as a service that supports women between doctor’s visits. Its goal is to be an addition, not to replace gynecologists. Today doctors get to spend 9 minutes on average per treatment, which often doesn’t leave time to address all concerns or personalized care. This is where the new platform comes in. At launch MySummer will cover contraception, urological issues, skin and intimate health.

MySummer CEO Viola Karl explains: “With MySummer, we are creating a platform for women that provides individual medical advice and direct treatment. Our goal is to provide women with holistic advice and make effective medical services easily accessible.”

On MySummer patients can access a team of experienced doctors from the fields of gynecology, urology and dermatology led by urologist Prof. Dr. med Sabine Brookmann-May, gynecologist Prof. Dr. med Mandy Mangler and dermatologist Dr. med. Nursel Yesilkus, who are also part of Wellster’s Medical Advisory Board.

Prof. Dr. med Mandy Mangler explains: “A digital approach can be a real relief in everyday life. For example, if you have an acute bladder infection, you need a quick remedy and no waiting time at the doctor, pharmacy or delivery. I also see potential for many other indications. This offers women an additional opportunity to receive self-determined and discreet medical support.”

Wellster plans to add additional indications in the near future and, given its pan-European ambitions, will probably soon expand internationally.

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