Biom Pharmaceuticals, a leading microbiome research company and creator of femtech brand VagiBiom, has just launched Vee, a female-focused mobile health app that supports women’s health at each stage of the female journey. Backed by science, Vee offers reliable resources to help women maintain peak health at each phase of womanhood. From tracking one’s period, to planning a pregnancy, to making menopause a time of joy and discovery, Vee provides the tools and analytics women need, under one trusted roof, to navigate the entire spectrum of the female experience.

Like Biom’s other pioneering feminine products, Vee came about organically, following the Walmart release of VagiBiom, Biom’s all-natural vaginal probiotic suppositories and a winner of Walmart’s 2020 “Open Call” contest. Husband-wife owners of Biom, biomedical scientist and Biom Chief Science Officer, Dr. Bobban Subhadra, and business-entrepreneur and IT specialist wife, Vijitha “Viji” Viv, received numerous emails and phone calls to their Florida offices, from female customers expressing frustration at the lack of adequate, easily accessible health resources available for making product selections to address their wide variety of feminine issues. From pH variations and infection to menopause’s mood swings, “Our customers did not know where else to turn,” explains Vijitha. “Most are unfamiliar with the vaginal microbiome and the need to maintain adequate levels of beneficial lactobacillus flora to preserve feminine health. Vee was the result of this pain point.”

An IT specialist, Vijitha decided a focused health portal, a mobile app for women of all ages would be the most efficient conduit of information. Not only would it educate and guide women at each stage of the female journey, but it could also provide safe, effective solutions to feminine issues by linking users to Biom’s high-quality, full potency products that support the female microbiome’s own capacity to preserve health.

A unique aspect of Vee is its mental-physical health component, AyurVEE, a series of gentle, yoga-based meditation videos, which relieve stress and re-align the feminine psyche. Based on the principles of Indian Ayurveda and Japanese Ikigai, AyurVEE strives to create a higher level of feminine awareness through the unison of mind, body and spirit and the discovery of life purpose. AyurVee also offers a safe and secure social support platform where women can connect with other women by sharing stories and providing inspiration.

The science behind VagiBiom and Vee is a result of Dr. Subhadra’s extensive research in the fields of microbiology and immunology. Intrigued by the health potential of the human microbiome, Subhadra closely followed the National Institutes of Health’s 2012 Human Microbiome Project, a groundbreaking $200 million-dollar study to better understand the role of microbial flora on health and disease. The results revealed a significant correlation between “good” commensal flora and human health and longevity. For the next 2 years, Subhadra conducted his own research and expanded upon what the NIH and other labs around the world had earlier established: A healthy human microbiome, composed of adequate levels of “good” bacteria, keeps the body disease-free, providing for, not just a longer lifespan, but a healthier one.

Biom Pharmaceutical Corporation is a 100% science-backed company, pioneering in microbiome research and probiotics and operating from the belief that each human being deserves the opportunity to live as long and healthy a life as possible.

Download the Vee app for iPhone or Android and enjoy a 3-month free trial.

About Biom Pharmaceuticals

Biom Pharmaceutical is committed to the goal of adding healthy years to the human lifespan by modulating the human microbiome. This mission is at the heart of everything we do, from early research to product development. Biom Pharmaceuticals is a pioneer in microbiome technology with five issued US Patents and has developed LiveBiom® Fermentation Technology to create humanized designer microbiomes, which have vast applications on human health. Currently, Biom has four consumer brands and twenty-three products in the market, including Biom Probiotics® Total Gut Health products, VagiBiom® Feminine Care Products, Longiva® Anti-aging and Longevity products, and LeanBiom® metabolic weight maintenance products. 

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