MobileODT EVA VisualCheck AI Technology for Cervical Cancer Screening. Image: MobileODT

MobileODT, an Israeli femtech company innovating in cervical cancer screening, is supporting a national cervical cancer screening project in India. This will be the most comprehensive and largest cervical cancer screening program performed in India, to date.

The project will be run by Karkinos Healthcare in strategic collaboration with GenWorks Health, MobileODT’s exclusive distributor in India. The partnership will adopt the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) DNA test for early detection of cervical cancer among women followed by standard diagnosis and treatment. Together, Karkinos Healthcare and GenWorks will provide primary screening through HPV DNA tests, and confirmatory diagnoses through colposcopy at the clinics and hospitals. The colposcopy exam will be performed using the MobileODT EVA device.

“At GenWorks, our partnerships are compelling for connecting the healthcare ecosystem for affordable access with best-in-class solutions that can provide early healthcare services. We believe our partnership with Karkinos and MobileODT truly complements our strategy.” said Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, founder, MD and CEO of GenWorks Health

Cervical cancer affects 1 in every 79 Indian women, with India contributing to nearly 1/5th of all cervical cancer cases in the world, according to the GLOBOCAN report published by the International Agency on Cancer Research (IARC). The tests will be made available to all women between the ages of 30 and 65 years, across India.

“We are extremely proud that the EVA technology has been selected to be part of this endeavor together with our partner Genworks, in this effort to eliminate cervical cancer in India. This is one of the largest national programs of its kind” says Leon Boston, MobileODT’s CEO,” our unique algorithm, allows an unprecedented screening at scale, that can be life saving for many women around the world”.

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