Unprude Launch Event. Image: Unprude

The landscape of sexual wellness in Asia might see some changes with the introduction of Unprude, a new sex therapy app now available in the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, the U.S., and Canada.

In cultures where discussions on sexuality are often seen as taboo and shameful, Unprude provides a platform for women to build a healthier understanding of their own sexuality and, subsequently, improve their relationships with others.

Led by Dr. Rica Cruz, an authority on sexual wellness and education in the Philippines, Unprude provides users with a culturally-grounded and personalized program based on Cruz’s research on sexual identity, pleasure, and relationships, providing users with a platform for self-discovery and connection.

Addressing issues surrounding sex and relationships can be daunting for many. “There is something deeply isolating about facing issues related to sex and relationships. These are some of the most common challenges we all face, yet the shame associated with discussing them often leaves people feeling alone in their struggles”, Dr. Cruz points out.

One of the app’s primary aims is to make sex therapy more accessible. Recognizing the barriers like cost and availability, Unprude offers a platform for users to delve into their sexuality in an environment that respects cultural nuances. Within Unprude, users first take an assessment quiz that provides them with tailored programs suited to their experiences and goals. Furthermore, the platform features insights from professionals specialized in sexual and mental health. Audio sessions in the form of meditations address diverse facets of sexuality; reflective activities are woven into the platform, fostering introspection. Users also have access to a plethora of resources on sex, contraception, and relationships, and they can engage with tools like the Unprude Conversation Cards and Couple Cards for interactive learning.

While the basic version of the app is free, an enhanced experience is available through Unprude Premium. Presently, the app can be found on Google Play, with an upcoming release on the Apple App Store.

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