Elvie, a leader in consumer health devices, is stepping into the digital health arena with the launch of Elvie Strong, a free app designed to support pelvic floor health. This is Elvie’s first venture into purely digital solutions, aiming to make health and wellness more accessible for women.

Pelvic floor muscles are vital for overall health, impacting bladder control and sexual function. Despite their importance, many women do not receive adequate support for maintaining these muscles, especially after childbirth. In the US, 79% of mothers experience pelvic floor damage postpartum, yet few have access to the necessary care and guidance.

Elvie Strong provides guided pelvic floor exercises, making it easy for users to include these workouts in their daily routines. With its user-friendly design and expert-backed program, the app wants to simplify the process of pelvic floor training. By partnering with habit-building experts, Elvie has created a program that adapts to individual needs and progresses with the user, who can track progress, set reminders, and unlock new levels of exercises as they strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. This gamified approach helps in building a consistent routine.

In line with their mission to make pelvic floor health a priority, Elvie is offering Elvie Strong for free during World Continence Week. The app is now available for download in the UK and US.

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