Twig Fertility Founders Tanner Kohara, Dr. Rhonda Zwingerman & Zach Shapiro. Image: CNW Group/Twig Fertility

Toronto-based Twig Fertility, a fertility care platform, has recently concluded its Series A financing round, securing $8M in funding. The round was led by Rhino Ventures, a venture capital firm specialized in healthcare technology investments. This financial backing marks an important milestone for Twig Fertility, enabling the company to advance its platform, expand services, and provide support to individuals and couples on their fertility journey.

Twig Fertility differentiates itself by offering a comprehensive and accessible approach to fertility care. The platform utilizes advanced technology and data-driven insights to provide personalized solutions and support for those facing fertility challenges. Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Twig Fertility enhances the accuracy of diagnosis, treatment plans, and predictions, ultimately improving the chances of successful outcomes.

Driven by the mission to improve the convoluted fertility experience, Kohara joined forces with Zach Shapiro, Co-Founder & CEO, and Dr. Rhonda Zwingerman, Co-Founder & Medical Director, to introduce a new method of personalized, empathetic and outcome-driven fertility care.

“When my wife and I embarked on our journey to start a family, we thought it would be easy,” said Tanner Kohara, Co-Founder & President of Twig. “However, our fertility experience was far from it. The medicine was there, but the service, technology, and emotional support were not. There was no transparency in pricing or cost, and like countless other fertility patients, we began to feel like faceless numbers at sterile clinics.”

“Canada has the lowest per capita use of fertility treatments in the G7, and we believe that is directly related to accessibility and cost,” said Jay Rhind, Partner at Rhino Ventures. “Twig Fertility’s vision for personalized care and their dedication to improving patient outcomes addresses a critical need in the Canadian market.”

The company plans to use the new funds for further expansion, R&D, and to foster partnerships within the healthcare ecosystem.

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