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TMRW Life Sciences, a fertility technology company modernizing and automating specimen management, has received FDA510(k) clearance for the CryoRobot Select (CRS). TMRW’s CryoRobot Select is the only FDA-cleared automated solution that digitally tracks, monitors and manages frozen eggs and embryos used in IVF. Fully integrated with TMRW’s proprietary ivfOS software, which assigns a unique identifier for each specimen, the CryoRobot Select represents a new standard in the management and storage of frozen eggs and embryos, capturing inventory in real-time and reducing a majority of the manual, potential points of failure within the current cryogenic process.

Automated off-site and on-site specimen management and storage, digital tracking and monitoring, and increased safety and efficiency enable higher standards of care. TMRW’s entire portfolio is supported by round-the-clock cloud-based monitoring via TMRW Overwatch, which conducts thousands of health checks each day, and generates proactive data analytics for all critical system components and environmental conditions to safeguards the precious cells.

Advances in assisted reproductive technology allow more people to build families when they otherwise may have been unable to do so. Estimates predict that by 2100, hundreds of millions will owe their lives to IVF. Clinics are at, or approaching, inflection points when it comes to their ability to safely manage frozen eggs and embryos. Meanwhile, antiquated, manual tools prone to human error and inconsistency compromise the standard of care. With its cutting-edge in-clinic and off-site portfolio of solutions, TMRW’s advanced technology offers transparency, automation and standardization to a system that is increasingly challenged to keep up with those volumes of specimens under management.

“Until recently, we didn’t ask how our frozen eggs or embryos were managed, unaware of how manual and archaic the systems have been until this point. Today, patients and clinicians are demanding innovations to make the process safer, more transparent, and more accurate,” said Tara Comonte, TMRW’s chief executive officer. “TMRW meets the rapidly growing need by designing new integrated technologies to modernize specimen management. Innovation is core to the industry’s future, and we are proud to lead the way.”

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