EXHALE, an emotional well-being app for Black Women and Women of Color, has released a new report highlighting the insufficient number of self-care resources specifically created for Black Women. “The State of Self-Care for Black Women” report offers insights into the stress, racial trauma, and enduring the stereotype of strength that impacts Black Women’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

Surveying 1,005 Black Women in the U.S., the report found 68% were familiar with only five or fewer well-being tools crafted by Black Women for Black Women. Racial trauma, stereotypes, and discrimination were named as principal stressors, with nearly half of respondents reporting that daily stress significantly impacts their lives. A worrying 76% believe that Black Women are wrongly perceived as stronger and capable of enduring more stress.

“As Black Women, we’re surrounded with messages telling us we’re strong and resilient enough to manage stress, but this survey proves that we are negatively impacted by a lack of necessary support,” said Katara McCarty, founder of EXHALE. “Black Women cannot fully heal without being fully seen. We need culturally appropriate resources and tools that address the effects of racial trauma on mental, emotional, and physical health.”

The study also revealed a significant struggle for Black Women in accessing formal mental health resources, with 77% expressing a need for more resources tailored to their unique needs. Workplace concerns were also prominent, with 53% of respondents feeling unsupported in their work environments and 36% having left a job due to feeling unsafe as a Black Woman.

The report, conducted in collaboration with Zogby Analytics, can be downloaded here.

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