Tia’s Los Angeles Location. Image: Tia

A few weeks ago Melinda French Gates’ Pivotal Ventures announced an investment into Tia, the US-based women’s health scale-up, which brought funding to an estimated $150M. At the time of the announcement Tia Founder & CEO Carolyn Witte also shared that while the company had to cut back on its growth plans due to the economic environment, it was expecting the launch of new mental health services in the spring.

Spring has come and so has Tia’s mental health offering, which now includes Groups and Coaching, in addition to existing services such as screening and treatment for anxiety, depression, and mood changes, medication management, and acupuncture. Tia aims to treat the root causes of mental health issues, rather than just the symptoms, and to reconnect mental health to physical and reproductive health.

Groups is an 8-week program designed to create connections among women with shared experiences and identities. Coaching is appointment-based and helps women release feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress. Tia’s suite of mental health services is part of its “Whole Woman, Whole Life” care model, which has been part of the companies strategy from the very start.

Tia Founder & CEO Carolyn Witte shares: “Since introducing mental health at Tia two years ago, we’ve seen the powerful connection between mental health, primary care, and reproductive health. Now, with a triple threat facing women’s health – a primary care shortage, mental health epidemic, and reproductive access crisis – there’s never been a greater moral or economic imperative to invest in building comprehensive care for women. Women and communities will be healthier when we start to manage their mental, physical, and reproductive health together.”

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