Thinx Teens. Image: Thinx

Leading period underwear brand Thinx is launching Thinx Teens, a new line of reusable and sustainable period panties with built-in leak protection, that will be available for as low as $16, a lower price than its predecessor, Thinx BTWN. With the new, lower price, Thinx Teens is one of the most affordable reusable period products for new menstruators. Thinx Teens is now available online at Later this year, Thinx Teens will also be available online at and

“First and early periods can be a mix of emotions and experiences that are totally normal, but sometimes awkward and stressful. The Thinx Teens collection is designed to help this new generation of menstruators feel confident, comfortable, and protected all-day long, free from stain and leak anxiety,” said Crystal Zerrenner, Chief Growth Officer of Thinx, Inc. “Importantly, I’m very proud to offer this line at a lower price point. We are committed to doing our part to give teens affordable access to an effective and sustainable option that will keep them leak-free for a lifetime to come.”

Thinx is launching Thinx Teens with a television and online advertisement, “Saved by Sister,” directed by award-winning actor, director, producer and screenwriter, Pamela Adlon. The spot is the flagship in a series of advertisements for Thinx directed by Ms. Adlon and marks her commercial directorial debut. A second ad, “Moon Landing,” also launched today and the remaining spots will roll out in 2023. In “Saved by Sister,” a mom is demonstrating to her child how to use a tampon, when her older daughter intervenes and instead offers her sister a pair of Thinx Teens. The commercial campaign was created by OBERLAND, a purpose-driven advertising agency, and produced by Girl Culture Films.

“Since the first episode of Better Things, I was meant to do work like this. There are three generations of women in my house and I wanted to depict how normal, awkward, and did I say normal…periods—(and peeing yourself!) can be. I am surprised by how taboo period talk still is. I was drawn to this project to help normalize this dialogue and remind everyone that it’s a natural thing that billions of people experience. And it’s critical we offer our new generation of menstruators alternative period care options, including sustainable period underwear like Thinx Teens. My friends and family and I all use Thinx. To me, sustainable period underwear is as fundamental as a toothbrush or a pair of shoes,” said Pamela Adlon, the commercial’s director.

Like previous generations, today’s tweens and teens want comfortable products that work so they don’t have to worry about leaks. They also value sustainability, which influences their purchase decisions and that of their parents. Thinx Teens is a simple and safe reusable period underwear that looks and feels like regular panties while absorbing up to five tampons or two and half regular pads worth of flowThey are easy to wear and wash, intuitive to use, and keep new menstruators fresh and dry, all while helping the planet.

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