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Vivoo, a wellness app renowned for offering personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance through at-home urine tests, has introduced a new at-home Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) testing product at CES 2024. This recent addition, recognized as a CES 2024 Innovation Awards honoree, delivers results within minutes and is aimed at simplifying the process of health monitoring and facilitating quicker connections with healthcare professionals.

The test operates through a simple procedure where users urinate on a strip and use Vivoo’s app to scan and analyze the results immediately. This method leverages deep learning image processing technology, ensuring accuracy and speed. Notably, this innovation allows the digitization of test results, which can be shared directly with healthcare providers through the app.

UTIs, affecting 50−60% of adult women in their lifetime and millions globally every year, represent a significant health concern. Vivoo’s UTI test addresses this prevalent issue by providing a prompt, non-invasive, and accessible solution. The app’s new feature aims to serve the substantial female user base, reflecting the company’s dedication to catering to underserved markets in wellness and diagnostics.

In addition to the UTI test, Vivoo has expanded its offerings to include vaginal pH tests, addressing broader women’s health needs. These products, along with the entire range of wellness and diagnostic tests, will be available for consumers from Q2 2024, offering convenient delivery options through Amazon and other channels.

Miray Tayfun, Co-founder and CEO of Vivoo, commented: “Our groundbreaking product is set to revolutionise UTI diagnosis with convenient at-home testing, empowered by our user-friendly mobile app. Vivoo goes beyond providing affordable wellness and diagnostic testing; it’s a commitment to democratising healthcare, and ensuring global accessibility. With the support of our customers and dedicated investors, we are driving innovation in software as a medical device space.”

Tim Draper, Founding Partner of Draper Associates and Vivoo investor, commented: “Vivoo can keep us all informed about our health just by testing our pee. This new UTI test is a major breakthrough allowing people better control of their own health care.”

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