This week another edition of Springboard’s Dolphin Tank took place and this time the team partnered with P&G. Startups focused on women’s health and wellness were invited to present their ideas to a panel of judges. Contrary to the infamous Shark Tank TV show, at Dolphin Tank events entrepreneurs pitch for support, feedback and advice, not funding.

Springboard‘s mission has always been to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurial companies led by women through access to essential  resources  and  a global community  of  experts.  They are also the initiators of the Women’s Health Innovation Coalition, a group of innovators, investors, clinicians, analysts, and executives with the shared goal of advancing innovation in women’s health.

This past Wednesday three startups took center-stage at Dolphin tank. Curious who they were? We’ve got your back!

Cocoon Biotech Inc.

Cocoon is leveraging silk as an all-natural, biodegradable material with cell-active properties for use in consumer, OTC, and pharmaceutical products. Founder Ailis Tweed-Kent is currently working on building partnerships for their line of consumer dermatology products.


Vizuri helps people say “yes” to living active, joyful lives by providing PainBloc24, a clinically proven, innovative pain management solution, inspired by nature. Founder Elise Donahue is seeking introductions to VC firms who would be interested in investing and contributing to Vizuri’s 5-year growth plan.

Zim Biosciences

Zim’s patented Polymer-Protein Complex helps heal damaged skin, resulting in faster recovery with less pain, less redness and less scarring. Zim is currently looking for funding to finalize consumer/OTC formulations and manufacturing.

Women-led companies interested in participating in the next edition of Dolphin Tank can apply here.

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