Sorella Founding Team. Image: Sorella

Sorella, a French startup focused on improving women’s health, has secured €5M in funding just one year after opening its first health clinic. The investment round was led by blisce/, with Vorwerk Ventures also participating. blisce/, known for its impact investment approach that combines financial goals with social and environmental responsibility, and Vorwerk Ventures, a Berlin-based venture capital firm with a focus on health, food, and climate, are supporting Sorella’s mission to expand access to comprehensive healthcare for women in France. The company was founded in 2022 by Clémence Lejeune, Jeanne Theuret, and Youssef Benhaddou.

Sorella operates a hybrid healthcare model, similar to US-based Tia, that combines physical clinics with digital platforms to provide women of all ages, from puberty to post-menopause, with access to specialized healthcare services.

Sorella Co-founder Clémence Lejeune shared: “This fundraising round opens a new chapter that will accelerate the development of Sorella in France – and beyond, our capacity for innovation in healthcare pathways and prevention. It is a strong mark of confidence in our model and proof that our fight for the improvement of women’s health is very relevant today. The healthcare professionals who support us are also convinced of this.”

Blisce/ Founder & CEO Alexandre Mars commented: “Today, 60% of women are dropping out from their healthcare journey in France. This is a major public health challenge. We are convinced that the pluridisciplinary approach and the hybrid model that allies physical and digital will enable Sorella to reinvent women’s health with a significant and wide impact. We are excited to support the co-founders and their team in the construction of tomorrow’s way of practicing medicine.”

Vorwerk Ventures Principal Katharina Neuhaus added: “As long-time advocates in the female healthcare space we couldn’t be more excited to back the outstanding Sorella team and their mission to build the next generation of female healthcare. With its hybrid model, Sorella paves the way for a more holistic and transformative healthcare paradigm for women, recognizing the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being”.

With the new funding, Sorella plans to expand its network of multidisciplinary health clinics across France, aiming to open three new clinics in 2024 and reaching a total of twelve by 2026.

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