Rhea, a global reproductive health services company, has officially launched, aiming to improve fertility journeys for modern families. The launch coincides with a follow-on funding round led by Thiel Capital, aimed at expanding Rhea’s global footprint and service offerings.

Rhea is creating an end-to-end reproductive health ecosystem, connecting prospective families across Asia, North America, and Europe. The company’s services are centered around a global network of owned and partner clinics, enhanced by Rhea Labs—a technology platform designed to leverage data, accelerate time to market, and provide quality product feedback loops for improved patient outcomes. The company’s fertility services are delivered through its patient journey management tools and clinic network, Generation Prime, now rebranded as GenPrime.

Rhea’s latest funding round, led by Thiel Capital with participation from LifeX Ventures, Blue Lion Global, and FJ Labs, will fuel the company’s expansion into new markets. In addition to the funding, Rhea has acquired Embryonics, a company known for its AI technologies that enhance fertility treatment processes and outcomes. Embryonics’ AI diagnostic tools will be integrated into Rhea Labs, enhancing Rhea’s product development capabilities.

Rhea Labs is also developing RheaX, a global gamete exchange designed to improve gamete matching and transfers. This initiative is part of a joint venture with Baylor College of Medicine, furthering Rhea’s commitment to advancing reproductive health through strategic partnerships. Additionally, Rhea and Baylor College of Medicine will launch a joint award for reproductive health research this fall.

Margaret Wang, Managing Partner at Recharge Capital and former Head of Bridgewater Associates Singapore, was appointed CEO of Rhea in 2023. Wang emphasized the need for an integrated approach to fertility services, stating: “The current fertility services market is fragmented, causing unnecessary barriers for intended parents. With our growing clinic network, Rhea Labs’ powerful solutions, and guidance from our world-class advisors, we are delivering a modern, integrated ecosystem to elevate reproductive health journeys globally.”

Headquartered in Singapore and New York, Rhea plans to continue its strategic acquisitions and geographic expansion throughout 2024, providing comprehensive reproductive health services to new regions and enhancing the fertility journey for families worldwide.

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