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Spain-based Domma, a startup dedicated to the research, treatment, and support of menopause, has successfully raised €950K in funding, a combination of capital increase and debt. This round, led by Secways, also saw participation from existing investor Antai Ventures, several business angels with sector expertise and ENISA.

Founded in Barcelona by Cristina Martínez and Mireia Roca, Domma plans to allocate the new capital towards accelerating the company’s growth. The investment will boost scientific research and the development of nutraceuticals and other solutions aimed at improving health for midlife women. Domma also plans to enhance digital support for women undergoing menopausal transition and to develop new outreach channels.

“The funding round will allow us to continue fighting against the stigma of menopause so that women can live through this stage of changes in the best possible way, providing support, information, and solutions tailored to the individual needs of each woman,” stated Domma Co-founder Cristina Martínez.

The Secways team added: “We are happy to have been able to lead Domma’s round and thus contribute to improving the quality of life for women who suffer the physical and psychological effects of menopause. What we liked most about the project was the decision-making and action capacity of its founders, as well as the passion they conveyed when they first presented their product to us.”

Eduardo Salvo, Partner at Antai Ventures, commented: “We believe that the work Domma is doing in generating content and acting as a loudspeaker is fundamental to eliminating the taboo surrounding menopause. It is a privilege to continue supporting Domma’s founders from the beginning and we hope to continue doing so for a much longer time. They are a very committed team with a unique vision on how to improve the quality of life for women during menopause.”

Domma Co-founder Mireia Roca pointed out that “it is key to normalize the entire menopausal transition process to live it as the natural process that it is. But it is not necessary to normalize suffering from the symptoms or resigning oneself to discomfort. More than 95% of women will feel some of the most common physical and emotional symptoms – irritability, hot flashes, insomnia, sweating, dryness… – which are the result of hormonal imbalance and can be alleviated with the natural, scientifically-based alternatives we have developed at Domma.”

Domma leverages scientific research to create non-invasive treatments addressing the symptoms of hormonal imbalance during menopause. Their offerings include a mix of superfoods and adaptogens for hormonal balance, a nutritional supplement for libido enhancement, an intimate moisturizing serum, a supplement for insomnia and night sweats relief, and relaxing teas.

With over a thousand subscribers to its personalized menopause treatment and support plans, Domma saw a 350% growth in 2023 over the previous year and has built a community of over 100,000 women, according to the company. Domma currently operates with a team of 10 from its headquarters in Barcelona.

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