Modern Fertility, HER and gender researcher Mere Abrams have teamed up and recently released their new report “Modern State of LGBTQ+ Fertility”, in which they survey people who identify as LGBTQ+ and ask them how they think and feel about fertility.

Fertility and family planning are complicated for just about everyone, but they can be disproportionately challenging for the LGBTQ+ community. Misinformation, combined with a lack of inclusive practices and affirming providers in traditional healthcare, can lead to stress and unwarranted stigma.

We believe that LGBTQ+ health is key to a healthy society. Everyone deserves access to reproductive health information and resources—no matter their background or identity.


  • The fertility information gap
  • Challenges with traditional healthcare
  • Enthusiasm towards at-home fertility tests
  • Turning to social media for fertility education
  • Fertility triggers anxiety and fear—but there is hope

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