The Credit Suisse Research Institute is Credit Suisse’s in-house think tank, which is tasked with the study of long-term economic developments. Their publications include the Global Wealth Report. The group has recently published a report on Health Transformation.

The digital revolution is beginning to make its presence felt and promises to make healthcare more efficient and safer. The “Healthcare transformation” report, published by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, looks at the improvements Artificial Intelligence and Big Data could bring into people’s lives but also examines potential policy and regulatory risks in the more developed economies. In addition, as national healthcare models are being disrupted by soaring costs, the report discusses a number of solutions which are currently up for debate. There is a focus also on China as an example, providing insight into a country facing an aging population and a rapidly growing health service industry.

Topics of the report include:

  • AI and healthcare: The road to modern health
  • How should medical costs for allocated?
  • China’s tech giants delivering smart health services
  • The regulatory response to AI in healthcare

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