Proov, known for its PdG-test and full cycle tracking kit is launching another product: The Proov Check Early Pregnancy Test. The new test allows women to use the tests up to five days before their next expected period to detect hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in urine, which is only present when pregnant. Results can be expected within 5 minutes of taking the test.

MFB Fertility Founder and CEO Amy Beckley explains: “As a woman that peed on a lot of pregnancy tests and experienced the good and bad in my own fertility journey, I wanted to create a product that provided clear and accurate results – five days sooner – to help women on their own reproductive journeys. Now, Proov is here to support women throughout all reproductive stages and offers resources and tools to interpret results and understand each woman’s individual reproductive health. We specifically designed these tests, down to the packaging, to be mindful of the various cases where a woman might be taking a pregnancy test. There are no babies in our design or marketing and we are deliberately discrete in order to be sensitive to those seeking privacy when testing.”

You can learn more about Proov and the new Proov Check Pregnancy Test here.

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