Mitera, a California-based company active in maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) telehealth and at-home reproductive genetic testing, is launching a new certification program. The program aims to establish and raise medical standards across third-party reproduction and bring awareness to surrogacy agencies and fertility centers adhering to such standards.

Mitera, founded in 2020, has been providing obstetrical screening and medical oversight for pregnancy as well as at-home genetic tests in all 50 states. Utilizing the expertise of a team of maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) physicians – OB GYN’s with additional training in pregnancy risk assessment – the company has used telehealth technology to screen over 20% of all gestational carriers in the country since its founding.

“We have identified a strong need for better medical oversight in the surrogacy space to ensure more favorable outcomes for surrogates and babies,” said Dr. Kathy Salari, Chief Medical Officer of Mitera. “Through the launch of our certification program, we aim to set nation-wide standards that will help reduce risks and improve outcomes, allowing surrogacy to stay a viable option for families.”

Surrogacy agencies and fertility centers certified by Mitera will have all their gestational carrier candidates screened by MFM’s at Mitera, provide additional surveillance during their pregnancies and comply with other guidelines set by the program. “We encourage all surrogacy agencies and fertility centers to participate in our program and join us in our mission to fulfill the dreams of people utilizing surrogacy arrangements in the safest and most responsible manner,” said Dr. Salari.

Mitera’s Certification Program is a step towards improving the surrogacy process and providing strong medical oversight, in a space where it has long been lacking. It has been devised to make a positive impact on the lives of many families across the country.

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