Bellabeat, known for its wearable fitness trackers has recently announced that the company plans to invest $10M in research and solutions addressing postnatal depression this year. This investment is a call to action and aims to bring more attention to postnatal depression as well as incentivize institutes, companies, and clinics in the space to look for viable, holistic health solutions regarding the issue that is postnatal depression. The $10 million will be deployed to selected candidates over a one-year-period.

Postnatal depression is one of society’s most complex and overlooked issues. According to our data, 3 out of 10 women have to deal with postnatal depression. Unfortunately, it is, more often than not, diagnosed way too late, making the postnatal journey for many women way harder than it needs to be, and sometimes even downright traumatic.

Bellabeat is working on algorithms that will detect conditions such as postnatal depression early on and detect when new moms need help. Besides their own in-house research, the company is now also investing up to $10M in innovative solutions from various scientific and medical projects with promising potential in the maternal health field.

With this investment in promising scientific studies, health, and medical startups, as well as innovative therapies, Bellabeat aims to implement these solutions into its women’s health and wellness platform. Those interested in partnering with Bellabeat can get in touch at

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