On April 26 and 27, 2022 the European femtech community is coming together again in Basel (Switzerland) for the 2nd edition of Women’s Health Innovation Summit Europe. Each year the 2-day event invites selected startups to pitch their solutions in front of industry leaders and investors. Just recently the finalists, who were selected by 13 leading VCs in the space, were announced.

Selection committee members included Chantal Cox (Octopus Ventures), Triin Linamagi (Sie Ventures), Sonia Dewar (Joyance Partners), Hana Besbes (Heal Capital), Vijay Barathan (Optum Ventures), Erica vn Eeshen (Borski Fund), Lucanos Polagnioli (Calm/Storm Ventures), Yahel Halamish (Nina Capital), Cynthia Jurytko (Lucy Capital), Samira Ann Qassim (Pink Salt Ventures), Wendy Anderson (The Case for Her), Marissa Fayer (Goddess Gaia Ventures), and Gunita Bhasin (Unilever Ventures).

Women’s Health Innovation Summit: Pitch Competition Finalists

This year there’s 24 of them and we’re excited to share more about the startups and scale-ups who made the cut this year.

Dama Health

Dama Health is a UK-based women’s health technology company pioneering in the space of female contraception and pharmacogenetics by bringing personalised and precision medicine solutions to market.

Samphire Neuroscience

Samphire Neuroscience is a women’s health solution building medical devices for neglected women’s needs. Specifically Samphire’s first product is a wearable IoT device that uses neurotechnology to relieve menstrual mental and physical symptoms, manely PMS and menstrual pain.


AOA Dx is developing the next frontier in early stage cancer detection through its pioneering work in glycolipids and proprietary biomarker technology

Beomi Health

Beomi Health is a maternity digital health platform with a preventative approach based on scientific research. It provides best-in.class support for women high-quality maternity education, and AI-driven care advice.


GlyconAge focuses on glycon-based biomarkers, which habe been shown to change 7-10 years before menopause symptoms and diagnosis typically occuse. This early detection allows for prediction of future health problems with far greater accuaracy than tests that rely solely on hormones.


Scailyte has developed a portfolio of biomarkers aiming at developing personalized therapies and diagnostic solutions for a range of diseases including cancer indications and endometriosis.


YoniCore is a medical device that offers women bladder support with one press of a button. YoniCore is the only complete treatment offering immediate relief of the symptoms together with long-lasting app-based muscle training.


Iateron provides therapeutic products for women’s health through novel nuclear receptor modulation based on a platform discovered by the founders.


LEIA‘s vision is to reinvent family health for the digital age.

MIM Fertility

MIM Fertility develops innovative AI solutions for fertility professionals to help them support patients throughout their entire fertility journey by improving patient outcomes and improving clinic efficiency.


Dana is a digital therapeutics designed to imrove the mental health and well-being of women during the matrescence ourney of becoming a mother.

Liberum Health

Liberum help has developed an intimate smart drug delivery device, which placed in the vagina serves as a vehicle to deliver already established drugs. It provides targeted sustained treatment which has numerous clinical applications.


Uvisa is a medical device company developing a phototherapy treatment to tackle vaginal dysbiosis without the need for medications

Echopoint Medical

Echopoint Medical is a medical device company that is transforming the way doctors diagnose and treat heart disease. A key area is in the diagnosis of microvascular disease, a condition that affects the tiny blood vessels of the heart and is particularly common in female patients.

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