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Pelvital has announced the expansion of its innovative incontinence treatment device, Flyte, into the Middle East. This move aims to address the prevalent issue of stress urinary incontinence among women in the region.

Flyte, a non-invasive, intravaginal device, is designed for home use and focuses on strengthening pelvic floor muscles. The device, which has received FDA clearance, was developed through a collaboration involving physicians from the Arctic University of Norway and experts in gynecology, muscle rehabilitation, and urinary incontinence treatments. It operates on the principle of mechanotherapy, which combines active pelvic floor contractions with tissue stimulation, leading to repair and the creation of neuromuscular memory. Clinical studies have shown that Flyte offers continence rates and treatment durability on par with surgical options.

“The expansion of Flyte into the Middle East is an incredible opportunity to transform the lives of countless women who have been silently suffering from urinary incontinence,” says Lydia Zeller, CEO of Pelvital.

The introduction of Flyte in the Middle East is scheduled to coincide with the Arab Health’s Global Healthcare Medical Expo in January 2024. Pelvital announced a $2.68M seed round earlier this year.

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