kGoal, a pelvic health company known for its smart Kegel trainer for women, has launched Boost, a new external Kegel trainer for men. Boost helps teach and encourage men to do Kegel exercises more consistently and effectively. Boost tracks user progress and uses interactive games, guided workouts and real time biofeedback for better results.

Pelvic floor exercise has been shown to improve sexual function, including erection performance, stamina, orgasm timing and quality. Exercising the pelvic floor can also help improve bladder control. Despite its importance, it is seldom talked about in men’s health due to the stigma and embarrassment associated with these aspects of normal bodily function. As a result, many men don’t realize the importance and benefits of a healthy pelvic floor. kGoal has created Boost to not only give men a better tool to improve their pelvic floor fitness, but also to help improve the awareness gap around men’s pelvic health.

“Pelvic floor-related problems are huge quality of life drivers, whether you’re talking about sexual function or bladder control, but there has never been an easy-to-use tool for at-home men’s pelvic floor exercise before,” says co-founder Brian Krieger. 

Boost is roughly the size of a bicycle seat and has a soft air pillow running along the center. The pillow contains sensors that detect and measure pelvic floor muscle activation through the user’s clothing. To use Boost, users place it on a chair and sit on top of it (with their clothes on), open the app and choose a workout to get started. 

The device connects to the Boost app, which provides guided workouts and Kegel-controlled games like Pinball or Bricks that take the boredom out of Kegels. It also provides biofeedback to help optimize technique and track exercise progress over time, creating an easy-to-use experience that lets men improve their pelvic health from the comfort and privacy of their home. 

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