Amma pregnancy tracker, a mobile app providing pregnant women and their families evidence-based content, pregnancy health tracking, and personalized advice from professional obstetricians and gynecologists, has raised a $2M pre-Series A round to invest in growth and internationalization. New investors in this recent round include Alexey Solovyov A. Partners, the Joint Journey investment office Sergey Dashkov, the Angelsdeck business angel club, as well as a group of private investors, including Wrike-founder Andrew Filev, Maxim Spiridonov (Netologiya Group), Sergey Solonin (Qiwi), Vladimir Khristenko (Nanolek) and Igor Shoifot. Previous and returning investors include SOSV’s Chinaccelerator (US), the Prytek group (Singapore), and Igor Rybakov. Amma plans to use the new funding to grow in Latin America and the Southeast Asian markets. The company was founded in 2019 and has offices in Hong Kong and Moscow.

“When my wife was pregnant with our first child, I went to pregnancy courses. After that experience I found the information presented on the web was sparse and often unreliable”,  said Evgeny Zhikharev, founder and CEO of amma pregnancy tracker. “I created amma pregnancy tracker with a strong focus on reducing the stress and anxiety of expecting families. We now have a team of over 20 obstetricians, gynecologists, doctors, lawyers, fitness trainers, providing access to evidence-based, practical information, translated into the 10 most popular languages ​​of the world and adapted to take into account the legal and socio-cultural characteristics of each country and region. Our constant engagement with our users and strict editorial process has resonated with our audience that grew mostly organically.”

Today amma pregnancy tracker is an app, that hosts one of the world’s largest communities for pregnant women and their families. It allows women to track key physical changes during pregnancy, receive medical advice from specialists and emotional support from thousands of pregnant women around the world. The guiding principles of the app are awareness, care and a sense of support.

The main service itself its free to use, which means the company currently relies on advertising as its main source of income. Amma pregnancy tracker is a market leader in its category in the CIS region with 1.5M+ active users per month. According to the company 60% of pregnant women with access to mobile phones in the region download the app. Besides working on establishing partnerships with local telehealth providers, the company’s focus is on internationalization. Amma pregnancy tracker is among the top 3 pregnancy apps in some Latin American markets and wants to use this momentum for further growth in the region.

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