Owlet, a company specializing in smart infant monitoring technology, has recently launched BabySat, a new FDA-cleared pulse oximetry monitoring system for infants with specific health needs. This development follows closely after the company’s introduction of the FDA-cleared Dream Sock, expanding its portfolio of medical-grade, at-home monitoring devices.

The BabySat is designed to provide accurate and reliable vital sign tracking for infants aged 1-18 months and weighing 6-30 pounds. The device is unique in that it is available only through prescription, allowing healthcare providers to set and adjust alarms for oxygen saturation and pulse rate according to each infant’s health requirements.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of in-home monitoring in reducing mortality rates among infants with serious health conditions like complex congenital heart disease by keeping a close watch on their oxygen saturation levels. With the introduction of BabySat, Owlet aims to give caregivers the ability to more confidently manage their infant’s health at home, potentially reducing the need for emergency medical interventions.

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