Yes.. It is indeed that time of the year again… YC Demo Day is around the corner and as always we made time to look through the hundreds of startups who just graduated from Y Combinator (Batch S22) to share our picks, who we believe can truly make an impact in the world of healthcare innovation.

Curious who made our list? Here we go! 👇


These femtech companies stood out among the YC S22 batch.

Almond: We make it easy to get great ObGyn care in-person and over telehealth

Almond is like One Medical but for women’s health: we make it easy to get great ObGyn care fast, both at our in-person offices and over telehealth.

Learn more about Almond

Malama Health: HIPAA-compliant remote monitoring for diabetes in pregnancy

“Malama enables HIPAA-compliant remote monitoring of diabetes in pregnancy, a condition that affects nearly 1 in 5 women. We will lower C-section and preterm birth rates by making it easy for patients and providers to track glucose and meal data.”

More about Malama Health


These healthtech companies stood out among the YC S22 batch.

Morf Health: Data Integration Platform for Digital Healthcare

Morf makes it easy to quickly setup and maintain patient data integrations across your tech stack — e.g. easily send structured data from your patient intake forms into your EMR. We integrate with the tools you use to deliver care, unify and normalize the data from these tools, and then send that data where you need it to go.

More about Morf Health

InVision Medical Technology: AI Diagnosis of Heart Disease

“At InVision, we use AI to help streamline the interpretation of ultrasounds and identify diseases that may have been missed by human readers. Our models have been tightly integrated into the clinical workflow to allow easy usage by clinicians.”

More about InVision Medical Technology

Be Golden: Health-tech platform that helps measure and manage inflammation levels

“Be Golden helps people measure and manage inflammation levels, which can impact a wide variety of health issues from fatigue to IBS symptoms to heart disease and cancer. Customers use at home finger prick blood testing and a digital platform to help manage lifestyle choices.”

More about Be Golden

Momentu: Corporate Mental Health Platform for LATAM

“Momentu is a corporate mental health platform for Latin America. We address mental health challenges in employees through an emotional test, where we understand their needs and provide support through digital content, therapy and coaching sessions.”

More about Momentu

iollo: At home metabolomics test for healthy lifespan extension

“iollo is an at-home metabolomics test to extend your healthy lifespan. We measure more than 500 molecules in your blood to automatically match you with dietary, behavioral, and therapeutic interventions.”

More about iollo

Serinus Biosciences: Hitting Multiple Cancers with a Single Therapeutic

“Serinus Bio is an AI-powered drug discovery company killing cancer with its own genetics. We unravel molecular networks to identify essential proteins that multiple cancers rely on for survival. Our platform enables drug candidates discovery in months instead of years.”

More about Serinus Biosciences

Keylika: Redefining the Standard of Care for Iron Deficiency

“Keylika is an early stage biopharma startup developing metal-based drugs using a platform synthesis technology to treat unmet medical needs. We then administer these drugs using proven delivery technologies to effect the best clinical outcomes.”

More about Keylika

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