Oova Founder & CEO Amy Divaraniya. Image: Oova

Oova, a women’s health and fertility startup, has secured $10.3 million in Series A funding for its at-home fertility tracking approach. The company offers the Oova Kit, an FDA-registered at-home urine test that measures luteinizing hormone and progesterone. The test provides personalized analytics and real-time action plans, helping women identify fertile days and confirm ovulation.

Although focused on fertility for now, the startup plans to expand its offering to other areas of women’s health. Founder and CEO Amy Divaraniya shared with TechCrunch: “We started off with fertility because it’s a place that I’m very passionate about, but what is also very clear is that all the different phases of a woman’s life are dictated by hormones. If you can understand the different patterns that happen, you can actually start adjusting.”

Oova has a network of over 100 clinics and has trained its algorithms on data from over 10,000 cycles. The recent funding round was led by Spero Ventures and included investors like US Fertility and Virgin Group. Oova is expanding its technology to test additional hormones and exploring applications in other phases of women’s health.

Oova launched its at-home fertility test in July 2021 after raising $1.2M in seed funding.

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