Image: Neotech

Neotech has acquired Breastfeeding Assistance Device Laally Bridge, an innovative breastfeeding device. The Bridge was designed by Kate Spivak, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Physician Assistant and features a silicone nipple cover that has a built-in channel and can attach to a syringe for delivering breastmilk or formula. It facilitates a baby’s latch to the breast, promotes milk production, and can be used in almost all situations where a bottle would typically be used.

This device provides a surface for a baby to latch, and allows supplementation during breastfeeding to stimulate natural milk production. It can be used to provide colostrum, expressed milk, fortified human milk, or formula, while allowing precise control of supplement flow, rate, and timing.

The Bridge, is now a part of Neotech’s product catalog. Neotech President Craig McCrary shares: “Neotech is primarily known as a NICU company, but the Bridge is a natural progression into the Mother Baby market. We have a few other products in the works for the Mother Baby space. The Bridge marks the start of a new era for Neotech.”

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