French biotech company Ziwig has achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of endometriosis diagnosis with the validation of their Ziwig Endotest as a highly effective diagnostic tool. The study, published in the renowned New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Evidence, confirms the performance and reproducibility of Ziwig Endotest, boasting sensitivity and specificity rates exceeding 95%. This non-invasive test offers an alternative to surgical procedures, revolutionizing the diagnosis of endometriosis.

The recent scientific study not only establishes the efficacy of Ziwig Endotest but also signals the potential for combining Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advancing non-invasive diagnostic capabilities. This breakthrough opens doors for predicting treatment response, defining different biological phenotypes of the disease, and enhancing diagnostic triage efficiency through imaging. Early diagnosis of endometriosis is crucial for identifying causes of infertility and promptly adapting treatment methods, as emphasized by experts in the field.

Ziwig Endotest stands as the world’s first saliva-based diagnostic test for endometriosis. Through a simple saliva sample, it offers a reliable and robust diagnosis within a short turnaround time of 7 days. The analysis takes place in a specialized, fully automated central laboratory, ensuring accurate and precise results.

Priscilla Saracco, an Endomind Expert Patient, highlighted the significance of Ziwig Endotest for the millions of women suffering from endometriosis. She commented: “It’s about time that a revolutionary, easy-to-use tool is finally available to the millions of women suffering from endometriosis (…) to help them preserve their fertility and quality of life.”

Ziwig Endotest is currently available in various countries, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and several Nordic countries. Plans for expansion include the imminent launch of the test in Hungary, Belgium, Luxembourg, Kuwait, Qatar, and Israel. Additionally, Ziwig is actively collaborating with French health authorities to make Ziwig Endotest accessible to healthcare professionals and patients in France by the end of 2023.

Ziwig is a French biotech company specializing in salivary RNA analysis and AI. By operating at the intersection of medical, scientific, and digital disciplines, Ziwig is dedicated to advancing precision medicine, making it more effective, humane, and accessible to all.

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