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Life Whisperer, fertility arm of AI healthcare company Presagen, will invite clinics to participate in its third global IVF clinic collaboration at the 37th European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Annual Meeting. The AI Open Project aims to apply AI to the assessment of oocytes, or female eggs prior to fertilization or freezing. Oocyte evaluation will be Life Whisperer’s third IVF product.

Life Whisperer’s first two IVF products, also developed in collaboration with clinics globally, evaluate embryo quality. AI is used to non-invasively and instantly assesses embryo viability and genetics using only a single image.

Life Whisperer Viability assesses implantation potential and the likelihood of clinical pregnancy, performing 25% better than embryologist’s manual assessment and reducing time to pregnancy by 15%. Life Whisperer Genetics assesses the likelihood of the embryo being genetically normal (euploid) and provides patients an alternative to invasive PGT-A genetic testing. Both products are CE-Marked and are authorized to sell to two thirds of the world’s IVF market.

Life Whisperer CEO and Co-founder, Dr Michelle Perugini said, “For clinics, Life Whisperer improves standardization, efficiency, and success rates, and allows clinics to service more patients with greater confidence. For patients, Life Whisperer provides greater transparency, with a personalized report providing an objective evidence-based assessment.”

Life Whisperer will have a significant scientific presence at the prestigious ESHRE virtual conference, presenting the latest developments in the application of AI to support IVF treatment. Life Whisperer has one oral presentation, and four posters featuring leading global IVF clinics including Ovation Fertility USA, IVF Life Europe, and Astra Fertility Canada.

Life Whisperer will also be exhibiting to promote its new Life Whisperer Genetics product and invite clinics, of any size and location, to contribute to its third global collaboration for Oocytes. Clinics that contribute to the Oocyte project will receive royalties on product sales.

Life Whisperer’s Co-Founder Dr Jonathan Hall said, “We aim to keep developing new AI products to enhance and improve the whole IVF treatment process, and hence patient outcomes. We are excited about this product assessing oocytes, which not only can assist with IVF treatment, but can be applied to the egg freezing market, allowing female patients to have greater confidence that their eggs they are freezing will lead to a viable embryo and ultimately a pregnancy.”

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