Early motherhood is a beautiful thing, and nursing is a great opportunity for moms to really bond with their little ones after they’ve entered the world. Unfortunately, there also exists the other side of the coin- nursing often comes with myriad unpleasant lactation issues, from painful breast engorgement, clogged ducts, mastitis, and other let-down issues.

This becomes especially difficult for parents who pump beyond those newborn days, especially when they go back to work. Those changes to the breastfeeding schedule—with longer gaps between feedings, and some being dropped entirely—can bring about an overall decrease in milk supply.

For these moms, a lactation massager may be one of the keys to successfully extending your breastfeeding or pumping window.

Momcozy Kneading Lactation Massager | Source: Momcozy

Lactation massagers utilize similar massage techniques to hand expression to maintain the free flow of milk while breastfeeding or pumping. Most lactation massagers on the market use vibration and heating to simulate this, but oftentimes it’s not enough.

This is why Momcozy 3-in-1 Kneading Lactation Massager really caught our attention. The Momcozy Kneading Lactation Massager is currently available on Amazon and Momcozy’s website for $44.99. For a limited time (2/27-3/20), with exclusive code YJ7ALE4P, readers can get 15% off their purchase. The code can also be used in conjunction with other Amazon discounts.

Momcozy Kneading Lactation Massager | Source: Momcozy

Said one Amazon user, “The massager’s vibrate mode works great and all, but its kneading mode is really like getting a deep massage. It does a great job relieving clogs and really helps the milk flow faster and better when I pump. It’s so easy to use and clean.”

While not the first lactation massager Momcozy has introduced, the Kneading Lactation Massager is a true game-changer thanks to the new kneading function. As with its predecessor, it includes a heat and vibration function, but its kneading feature makes it even more versatile for a multitude of lactation challenges.

The star here is the 3 shiatsu rotary balls that imitate the deep penetrative benefits of a set of real massaging hands. Where vibrational massage works in many cases, the shiatsu balls focus on deep kneading and pressure points, for when moms really need that extra help in relieving discomfort and deep clogs. To avoid any pinching, the kneading massage balls are covered with soft silicone skin that’s gentle on moms’ breasts.

Not just imitating a set of hands though, the Kneading Lactation Massager includes a heating mode with 3 settings, and a vibration mode with 6 settings for a truly customizable experience. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, moms can now choose the ideal mode to clear clogged ducts, from the light to the most stubborn, without sacrificing comfort.

With its curved form that naturally adheres to the breast, significant attention has also been brought to the Kneading Lactation Massager’s ergonomic design. Furthermore, its smooth exterior and easy-to-hold grip allow it to fit easily inside any bra or to be held comfortably. 

Moms can specifically target pain points with the kneading function, scrape with the side of the massager or do a targeted heat compress. Reflecting thoughtful design, the massager’s waterproof design makes for easy cleaning, and allows moms to even use the massager in the shower.

Overall, the Momcozy 3-in-1 Kneading Lactation Massager is a game changer that can bring a real massage experience and more, bringing incredible value at its price.

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