Oya Care Clinic in Sao Paolo. Image: Oya Care

Two years have passed since Oya Care announced its $3 million seed funding round, secured from Susa Ventures, with additional investment from Brazilian entities Canary, Positive, and IKJ. In that time, the company has made significant progress, prompting us to sit down with Stephanie von Staa Toledo, Oya’s Founder & CEO, to discuss her journey as she works to position Oya as the leading platform for women’s and reproductive health in Brazil—a 210 million people country with a vibrant yet challenging healthcare landscape.

Starting amidst the global pandemic, Oya initially focused on delivering fertility services through an online platform. “Launching with a digital-first approach was crucial,” von Staa Toledo explained. “It allowed us to meet the immediate healthcare needs of women during a period of unprecedented global upheaval.”

This initial focus set the stage for Oya’s evolution and eventually led to the decision to broaden the company’s scope to include gynecological care. Oya also introduced in-person consultations—a strategic move stemming from a deeper understanding of healthcare needs and preferences across Brazil. “Expanding our services was about providing comprehensive care,” von Staa Toledo said. “It’s been about ensuring that every woman has access to the high-quality healthcare services she needs, when she needs them.”

A pivotal aspect of Oya’s growth followed shortly after when the company secured a partnership with a health plan, broadening the accessibility of its services. “This partnership has been instrumental in breaking down barriers to access,” von Staa Toledo notes. “Last year in 2023 we grew our revenues at almost 20% a month on average. To date, we have served 4500 patients, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Consistently high NPS scores and patients’ recommendations to their friends and colleagues indicate a very strong word-of-mouth growth channel.”

Looking ahead, Oya is now poised to further innovate, with plans to incorporate artificial intelligence into its offerings. “AI will enable us to personalize our services further, ensuring that we can meet the unique needs of each patient more effectively and efficiently, and expand without adding significant cost and investments to the operation. We are also looking to expand our services into new areas such as menopause and sexual wellness, driven by our commitment to supporting women through every stage of life,” von Staa Toledo remarks.

“Our aim is not just to expand our patient base but to redefine the standards of women’s healthcare in Brazil,” von Staa Toledo concludes, reflecting on Oya’s future. “The Brazilian market is full of potential, and we are in a great place today to build an innovative, patient-centered model that positions us as the premier destination for all things women’s and reproductive health in this large, emerging market.”

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