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MIM Fertility, a Polish company in the field of artificial intelligence, has announced the closing of a $2M seed funding round. The investment was led by Warsaw-based venture capital investors, Tangent Line and Peleton.

MIM Fertility offers solutions in infertility treatment, combining advanced artificial intelligence technologies with reproductive medicine. Their flagship products, EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN help experts in the identification and analysis of ovarian follicles and embryo assessment. The fresh funds will allow MIM Fertility to further refine these technologies, develop new functionalities, and expand internationally.

“Investment from Tangent Line and Peleton is a significant boost for our company and confirms that we are heading in the right direction,” says Piotr Wygocki, Co-founder of MIM Fertility. “We are excited about the opportunities this investment opens up, especially in terms of scaling our solutions and extending our presence in the global infertility treatment market,” adds Ula Sankowska, Co-founder of MIM Fertility.

With this latest investment, the startup also plans to intensify its research and development activities. MIM Fertility aims to continue collaborating with leading institutions and experts in reproductive medicine to build the global reputation of the brand.

“We are impressed by the innovation and potential of MIM Fertility and their commitment to solving real problems in reproductive health. Their approach to using artificial intelligence to improve infertility treatment outcomes is exactly what modern medicine needs,” summarizes Piotr Pietrzak from Tangent Line Ventures.

Infertility is a challenge both in Poland and worldwide, affecting the lives of millions of couples. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 15% of couples globally suffer from infertility, which translates to approximately 48-186 million individuals. Infertility is a complex phenomenon with various causes in both women and men. Medical solutions like in vitro fertilization (IVF) offer hope to many couples, yet the cost and accessibility of these procedures remain barriers. The development of technologies like those offered by MIM Fertility is crucial for increasing the availability and effectiveness of infertility treatments, giving more couples the chance to fulfill their dream of parenthood.

In the first session of the 10th term of the Sejm (Polish Parliament), a law was adopted concerning the financing of in-vitro procedures. The project stipulates that the Minister of Health should develop, implement, execute, and finance a health policy program for infertility treatment, including assisted reproductive procedures such as IVF, with a minimum annual budget allocation of 500 million PLN.

“We are actively discussing the inclusion of our technologies in the current offerings of infertility clinics in Warsaw. We strongly believe that the recent events in the Sejm are a step towards incorporating EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN into the national reimbursement program,” comments Ula Sankowska.

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