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WeNatal, a new prenatal supplement company, today announced the launch of the first prenatal supplement designed for both women and men, inclusive for all couples. Men account for 50% of infertility, miscarriage, and overall pregnancy success, yet male health and sperm quality has historically not received enough attention in preconception. The WeNatal formula was developed by a team of Functional Medicine doctors, nutritionists, and fertility experts.

“I always look at the male side when patients come to me with fertility issues. I’m excited that WeNatal is introducing a supplement to support couples,” said Dr. Mark Hyman, an internationally recognized leader of Functional Medicine“WeNatal is revolutionizing the prenatal industry. 1 in 7 couples struggle with infertility and typically the primary focus has been invasive and expensive methods like in vitro fertilization and hormonal interventions, and while those tools are great, they are not always needed.”

WeNatal is a science-based, expert backed formula made with nutrients in the most absorbable form in effective doses, formulated specifically for him and her.

Founders Ronit Menashe and Vida Delrahim, experienced their own pregnancy losses and realized no one was paying attention to the other half of the fertility equation – their husbands’ health. That’s when their extensive research began. “I started obsessively reading how to improve my egg quality and kept seeing medical journals discussing sperm health. Thousands of pages of research about the importance of preconception care for men, but no companies were addressing it,” explains WeNatal co-founder, Ronit Menashe. 

“We have made it our mission to reimagine the gender paradigms around pregnancy,” adds WeNatal co-founder, Vida Delrahim. “Co-parenting has to start at the very beginning. We believe we are better, stronger, and healthier together.”

WeNatal is sold exclusively on for now and vailable as a monthly subscription bundle for couples for $99 (For Him + Her; Her + Her; Him + Him) and for individuals for $49.95.

Included in the bundle subscription is also the WeNatal Journal, which supports couples through integrating the mind + body connection with tools to encourage self-compassion, self-reflection and gratitude.

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