Medtech company Lilio Health has successfully completed a seed funding round, raising €2.2M. The company’s flagship product, the Lilio baby sensor bracelet, offers parents real-time insights into their child’s health.

The Lilio baby sensor bracelet’s compact sensor module continuously tracks vital well-being indicators and transmits the data directly to parents’ smartphones. Designed for round-the-clock use, the device’s ergonomic design ensures comfort for babies. Lilio uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to monitor and analyze the collected data. The accompanying mobile app allows parents to engage in long-term monitoring of their child’s health and development by recording key indicators such as heart rate and oxygen saturation. In the event of deviations from normal patterns, the AI algorithm promptly alerts parents, enabling quick intervention.

The seed funding round, led by emma Ventures, reflects strong support from both existing and new investors. Other notable backers include business angels like Robert Ermich, Mengting Bönsch (Gao), Dr. Gesa Miczaika, Michala Rudorfer, and Martina Pfeifer from encourageventures. Additionally, founders of the Swiss medical retail chain bestsmile and the creators of the Toniebox (Patric Fassbender) have joined the investor base. KinTower Ventures, represented by Stefan Gielok, also participated in the funding round.

This funding injection will be used to finalize go-to-market preparations and scale up production and sales, positioning Lilio Health for its official market launch.

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