Male fertility startup Legacy is partnering with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association to support RESOLVE’s mission around access to care and public education. The announcement marks the first time RESOLVE has partnered with a company focused on male fertility. With sperm count declining at a rate of more than 50% globally in the past 40 years, it’s increasingly imperative to rebalance the responsibility of family planning and change the outdated view that fertility is a “women’s issue.”

“RESOLVE has led the awareness movement and is the largest non-profit advocating for an increase in insurance coverage and protecting access to all family building options for anyone who needs them,” said Khaled Kteily, CEO and Founder of Legacy. “Legacy is proud to partner with RESOLVE and to support them in their efforts to reduce stigma and educate the public about reproductive health. We look forward to collaborating around ways to increase the conversation around male fertility.”

“Our goal is to bring to light the issues facing the millions of Americans who live with infertility and those that struggle to build their family,” said Barbara Collura, President/CEO of RESOLVE. “Partnering with Legacy will further our ability to expand the conversation around infertility and family building challenges and further our advocacy efforts.”

To encourage sperm preservation and testing, Legacy sends customers an affordable and easy to use at-home sperm testing kit and offers sperm analysis, DNA fragmentation and cryopreservation for the samples.

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