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In recent years, menstrual care has seen incremental changes in product design and functionality. Gals Bio, an Israeli firm, has taken a distinct approach and is not launching Tulipon, a new menstrual prodcut that has piqued the interest of both consumers and experts.

What is Tulipon?

Unlike traditional menstrual care products, Tulipon offers a dual benefit. Firstly, it provides menstrual care by merging the attributes of tampons and menstrual cups, ensuring both ease of use and sustainability. Secondly, and perhaps more intriguingly, it incorporates AI-powered health monitoring, allowing users to screen specific health markers from the comfort of their home.

Clinical trials have provided a deeper understanding of Tulipon’s performance. After being tested across several menstrual cycles by hundreds of users, it reported a 90% satisfaction rate.

A Closer Look at Tulipon’s Features

Tulipon’s design includes a water-soluble applicator, ensuring a hygienic and precise insertion. The collection cup, made from recyclable materials, is designed for 12-hour wear, catering to various activities and sleep cycles. Notably, it can hold up to 45 ml, equivalent to 3-4 large tampons. This capacity is particularly beneficial for those with heavy menstrual flow.

From a health monitoring perspective, Tulipon currently checks two health indicators: pH level and monthly bleeding amount. Changes in these biomarkers can indicate various health conditions, ranging from pre-menopause to iron deficiency.

An added feature, the “liquid lock” mechanism, addresses a frequent issue with menstrual cups: the risk of spillage upon removal. This mechanism ensures the fluid remains securely within the Tulipon.

The Road Ahead

The company has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for Tulipon with an ambitious goal: To raise $1 million. These funds are intended to support mass production and the development of additional features.

On the Record

Hilla Shaviv, the inventor of the Tulipon, Founder and CEO of Gals Bio shares: “We are thrilled to introduce the Tulipon, a product born from years of research and development in women’s health. It offers a comprehensive solution for menstrual care while empowering users to monitor their health effortlessly from home.”

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