Our Office Hours are back and we’re excited to have Giordana Mahn join us for our next session of ‘Ask Me Anything’! This time we are covering an important topic: Intellectual Property.

Giordana is a US patent attorney and collaborates closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their business objectives in order to deliver patent strategies with an eye toward the future. Using her vast amount of experience prosecuting patents and providing strategic IP counsel, she will do her best to answer your questions!

So if you find yourself asking how you can protect the technology you have developed, or how having intellectual property protection can help your business, then submit your questions!

Giordana Mahn

To ask your question, please use this form or leave your question in a comment under the respective posts, which we will share on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn over the next couple of days. You have until Dec 10 to ask your questions. We will share all questions and Giordana’s answers publicly in a follow-up post on Femtech Insider. You do have the option to ask your question anonymously.

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