Elina Vale, Essence App Co-founder and CEO. Image: Essence App

The Essence App, focused on improving workplace environments for women and individuals with menstrual cycles, has completed a $600K funding round. Participants in the round include Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, Davidovs VC, Growing Well Partners, and notable angel investors like Eugenia Dunaeva and Ksenia Kapoor, among others. This financial boost aims to refine the app’s capabilities, broaden its customer base, and explore the productivity-menstrual cycle nexus further.

Addressing the overlooked issue of menstrual health in corporate settings, the Essence App integrates AI and scientific research to enhance female employees’ performance by aligning work schedules with hormonal cycles. This innovative approach could increase the productivity and well-being of women in the workforce by up to 33%, according to the company.

Elina Vale, Co-Founder and CEO of the Essence App, commented: “Femtech is a highly undervalued and impact-oriented market and half of the world’s population are potential users. Menstrual health is a missing puzzle piece in improving women’s well-being. Cycle-related symptoms are still a real struggle for hundreds of millions. The Essence App offers a valuable digital tool for companies, helping businesses adjust their work environments and provide tailored support to those who need it.”

The app promises to reshape corporate cultures by delivering personalized expert recommendations, thereby aiding companies in attracting and retaining diverse talent and promoting inclusivity. Its focus is on optimizing schedules, fitness routines, and diets based on hormonal cycles. The B2B subscription model distinguishes it within the femtech landscape, partnering with companies dedicated to supporting employees with menstrual cycles.

Armed with fressh funding the compan is now working on reaching an ARR of $1M in the next 18 months.

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